Custom EPS Foam Shapes

Do you want to get the custom EPS Foam shapes? Here we can manufacture various EPS foam shapes using our advanced EPS shape moulding machine, and welcome to contact us now to get more details. 

custom eps foam shapes

EPS Foam Shapes

Here are various trendy EPS foam shapes in the market, and you can choose to customized your desired EPS shapes for your projects. For more detailed info, please don’t be hesitate to contact us at any time.  

eps architectural foam shapes

EPS Architectural Foam Shapes

With our CNC Hot Wire machinery, we meticulously craft columns, bases, and various decorative foam shapes. With comprehensive customization options, we ensure your project achieves the precise aesthetic you envision.

eps foam d craft foam shapes

ePS foam 3D craft foam shapes

Discover a world of creativity with EPS foam 3D craft foam shapes. Let your imagination soar as you explore endless possibilities for crafting and design. We can work out your dream 3D craft foam shapes into reality.

specialty shape eps packaging

Specialty Shape EPS Packaging

Find the versatility of our Specialty Shape EPS Packaging. With our innovative solutions, you can customize packaging to suit your unique needs, such as shaped packaging insulation.

Different Styles of EPS Shapes

eps sheet

EPS Sheet

We can customize the EPS sheet, to meet your desired length, width, thickness, and also match your wanted color for your project. Welcome to contact us now to ship your EPS sheets.

eps profiles

EPS Profile

We can cut EPS profiles with different shapes, the specific shape rather than a square or rectangle. EPS profiles are the rectangle with any slot, curve, or notch, also circle, hexagon. Send us your wanted shape of the EPS profile to make it achieved.

eps pads


Are you wanting to customize the EPS pad? Here we can provide the advanced EPS moulding machine to shape your desired EPS pads for your projects. Come and contact us now to get instant quote.

hwo to shape eps
  1. Design: Start with a clear idea of the desired shape and dimensions for your EPS foam.
  2. Cutting: Use a hot wire cutter or knife to cut the foam to the rough shape of your design.
  3. Shaping: Utilize sandpaper, rasps, or files to refine the shape and smooth rough edges.
  4. Detailing: Add intricate details or textures using carving tools or hot tools if needed.
  5. Finishing: Apply a protective coating or paint to enhance durability and aesthetics if desired.