EPS Pre-expander Machine

EPS Pre-expander Machine

EPS pre-expander machine (also known as quantitative pre-expander machine or pressurized pre-expander machine) is mainly used to match with automatic eps molding machines. 

It provides EPS pre-expanding materials with uniform density and no agglomeration to meet the packaging requirements. The molding condition requirements of the product production process. 

The vibration-type foaming degree sensor controller is installed in front of the pre-expander machine, which can correctly sense the rising degree of the foamed particles so that the density of the pre-expanded beads is relatively uniform. It is very small to remove the occurrence of condensed water and the agglomeration of pre-expanded beads, so it can reduce the moisture content of raw materials and save heat energy. 

The operation of this pre-expander machine adopts automatic program control from feeding, heating, discharging, feeding to air-drying, and the adjustment is convenient and accurate. The pre-expanded beads rise from the bottom to the top. When they reach a certain height, they can be discharged by a signal from the photoelectric cell. The action is accurate and sensitive. 

When the foaming pressure is stable, the density is almost the same. This is the correct choice for the molding conditions important.