EPS Shape Moulding Machine

EPS Shape Moulding Machine

The eps shape molding machine has good energy-saving characteristics, mainly using the steam proportional pressure reducing valve technology, which can be accurately controlled, and the steam pressure transported by the main pipeline is also more stable. The structure of the eps shape molding machine is simple, the stability is relatively strong, and the design with better strength greatly increases the strength value of the machine. The template can be annealed at high temperatures and processed by a digital control center. On the one hand, it can ensure high accuracy. On the other hand, it can greatly extend the use time of the machine. The machine also has a special cooling system. This system is very important, mainly because of the vacuum system technology used, which consumes less energy. The large-scale three-dimensional spray vacuum condensing machine sprays through the cooling water source to increase the vacuum condensation ratio, protect the vacuum water pump, and reserve the intermediate vacuum interface in advance. The operation and control of the eps shape molding machine is also very simple. It mainly adopts the touch screen style operation, and the operation method is very simple. At the same time, it also has an alarm system, which can protect the operator more systematically.

EPS Shape Moulding Machine

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EPS Shape Moulding Machine Features

Here are our EPS shape molding machine features:

  • The shortest cycle times: 30~90 seconds/cycle
  • Ensure the lowest energy-consuming 
  • Speed is 350mm/s

EPS Shape Moulding Machine Applications

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Shape Moulding Machines have a wide range of applications in various industries due to the versatility and lightweight nature of the EPS products they can produce. Here are some different applications where EPS shape moulding machines are commonly used:

  • Packaging: EPS is extensively used for packaging purposes, including protective packaging for delicate items, insulation for shipping containers, and molded foam inserts for electronic devices.
  • Construction: EPS shape moulding machines are used in the construction industry to produce insulation boards, panels, and customized architectural shapes. The lightweight yet durable nature of EPS makes it an ideal material for construction applications.
  • Insulation: EPS foam is an excellent thermal insulator. EPS shape moulding machines are used to manufacture insulation materials for buildings, refrigeration, and various industrial applications.
  • Automotive Industry: EPS is utilized in the automotive sector for manufacturing lightweight components, such as interior parts, headliners, and impact-absorbing elements.
  • Marine and Aerospace: The buoyancy and insulation properties of EPS make it suitable for marine applications, including boat floats and marine buoys. In the aerospace industry, EPS can be used for lightweight components.
  • Arts and Crafts: EPS shape moulding machines can produce intricate and customized shapes, making them valuable for artistic and craft applications. It is commonly used in set design, props, and artistic sculptures.
  • Medical Industry: EPS is employed in the medical field for creating lightweight and disposable packaging for medical devices. Its shock-absorbing properties also make it suitable for transporting sensitive medical equipment.
  • Horticulture and Agriculture: EPS is used in horticulture for creating plant trays, seedling containers, and insulating materials. It provides a lightweight and cost-effective solution for various agricultural applications.
  • Educational Materials: EPS is utilized in the production of educational materials such as model kits, science project materials, and other teaching aids.
  • Industrial Applications: EPS shape moulding machines find applications in various industrial sectors, including manufacturing, electronics, and consumer goods, where lightweight and versatile products are required.

EPS Shape Moulding Machine FAQs

What is an EPS shape molding machine?

An EPS shape molding machine is the equipment used in the manufacturing process of expanded polystyrene (EPS) products. It molds and shapes EPS beads into various forms, such as packaging materials, insulation boards, and custom shapes.

Typical components include a pre-expander, silos for EPS beads storage, steam generator, molding machine with molds, a control system, and a cooling system.

An EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) shape molding machine consists of several key components that work together to produce molded EPS products. Here are the main components:

  1. EPS Bead Hopper/Storage Silo:

    • This is where the raw EPS beads are stored before they are fed into the machine for processing.
  2. Pre-Expander:

    • The pre-expander is responsible for expanding and preheating the EPS beads using steam. This process prepares the beads for molding by increasing their volume.
  3. Fluidized Bed Dryer:

    • EPS beads may absorb moisture during storage, and the fluidized bed dryer ensures that they are thoroughly dried before entering the molding process.
  4. Molding Machine:

    • The molding machine is the core component that shapes the expanded EPS beads into the desired form. It includes a mold cavity into which the expanded beads are injected, and the final shape is achieved through cooling and solidification.
  5. Molds:

    • Molds are crucial for shaping the EPS beads into specific forms. They come in various sizes and designs depending on the desired product.
  6. Steam Generator:

    • Steam is used to expand the EPS beads during the molding process. The steam generator produces the required steam for the pre-expander and molding machine.
  7. Vacuum System:

    • A vacuum system helps in the molding process by ensuring that the expanded beads conform to the shape of the mold cavity, creating a well-defined and accurate final product.
  8. Cooling System:

    • After the shaping process, a cooling system is employed to rapidly cool the molded EPS product, allowing for quick and efficient production.
  9. Control System:

    • The control system is the brain of the machine, managing and regulating various parameters such as temperature, pressure, and timing throughout the molding process.
  10. Hydraulic System:

    • Some EPS shape molding machines use hydraulic systems to control the movement of parts, such as the opening and closing of molds.
  11. Product Conveyor System:

    • Once the molded EPS products are ready, a conveyor system is often employed to transport them to the next stage of the production process or for packaging.

EPS shape molding machines can produce a wide range of products, including packaging materials, insulation boards, construction components, and customized shapes for various industries.