Best EPS Moulding Machine Manufacturers You Need to Know

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Choosing the right EPS moulding machine manufacturer requires careful consideration of several factors to ensure that you select a reputable and reliable supplier.

There are several manufacturers of EPS moulding machines around the world, this blog post aims to provide readers with an overview of the top 10 best EPS moulding machine manufacturers.

Assess Product Range, Quality and Reliability, Customer Support and Service, Industry Experience and Reputation, Cost and Value, Visit Facilities, and Demo Machines. By following these steps and conducting thorough research, the ranking is derived.

Best EPS Molding Machine Manufacturers

Kornylak Corporation:

Established in 1946.

Kornylak is a leading manufacturer of EPS moulding machines, offering a range of models for different production needs.

Kurtz GmbH:

Kurtz is a German company known for its high-quality EPS moulding machines, including pre-expanders, shape moulding machines, and block moulding machines.

HIRSCH Maschinenbau GmbH:

Established in 1962. HIRSCH is another prominent manufacturer based in Germany, specializing in EPS machinery, including moulding machines, block moulders, and cutting lines.

EPRO EPS Machinery

Established in 1992. EPRO is a Chinese manufacturer known for its innovative EPS machinery solutions, including shape moulding machines, block moulders, and auxiliary equipment.

Teubert Maschinenbau GmbH:

Established in 1960.

Teubert is a German company that produces EPS shape moulding machines and block moulders, known for their reliability and precision.

These are just a few examples of EPS moulding machine manufacturers, and there are many others in different parts of the world catering to the needs of the EPS industry.


Established in 1970.

SCHNEIDER is a well-known German company specializing in the design and production of EPS molding machines. With decades of experience in the industry, SCHNEIDER offers a range of high-quality and innovative EPS molding machines, including pre-expanders, shape molding machines, block molders, and cutting lines. Their machines are known for their reliability, precision, and advanced technology, making them a trusted choice for EPS manufacturers worldwide.

Polaron SRL

Established in 1975.

Polaron is an Italian manufacturer specializing in EPS shape moulding machines and block moulders, known for their advanced technology and reliability.

Cannon Viking Limited:

Established in 1975.

Cannon Viking, based in the United Kingdom, is a reputable manufacturer of EPS moulding machines, offering innovative solutions for shape moulding, block moulding, and cutting.

Laader Berg S.A:

Established in 1982.

Laader Berg is a Spanish company known for its EPS machinery, including shape moulding machines, block moulders, and auxiliary equipment, with a focus on efficiency and sustainability.

Sunkist Chemical Machinery Ltd:

Established in 1982.

Sunkist is a Taiwanese manufacturer of EPS machinery, offering a range of moulding machines, pre-expanders, and cutting equipment, known for their precision and durability.

Top 10 Applications of EPS Moulding Machines

Packaging Industry:

Specific Uses: EPS Moulding Machines are extensively used in the packaging industry to manufacture protective packaging materials such as foam inserts, corner protectors, and packaging blocks.
Products: Packaging materials made using EPS Moulding Machines provide cushioning and shock absorption to protect fragile items during shipping and handling.

Construction Industry:

Specific Uses: EPS Moulding Machines are utilized in the construction industry for producing insulation panels, architectural shapes, decorative elements, and lightweight concrete forms.
Products: EPS insulation panels contribute to energy efficiency by providing thermal insulation in buildings. Architectural shapes and decorative elements add aesthetic value to architectural designs, while lightweight concrete forms simplify construction processes.

Automotive Industry:

Specific Uses: EPS Moulding Machines are employed in the automotive industry for manufacturing various components such as seat cushions, headrests, door panels, and bumpers.
Products: EPS-based components offer lightweight, impact-resistant, and sound-absorbing properties, making them ideal for automotive applications to enhance comfort, safety, and aesthetics.

Consumer Electronics Industry:

Specific Uses: EPS Moulding Machines are used in the consumer electronics industry for producing protective packaging inserts, trays, and casings for electronic devices.
Products: Foam inserts and trays made from EPS provide cushioning and shock protection for delicate electronic components during transportation and storage, ensuring product integrity.

Food and Beverage Industry:

Specific Uses: EPS Moulding Machines are employed in the food and beverage industry for manufacturing food packaging containers, trays, and cups.
Products: EPS food packaging containers are lightweight, insulating, and moisture-resistant, keeping food fresh and maintaining temperature during transportation and storage.

Medical Industry:

Specific Uses: EPS Moulding Machines are used in the medical industry for producing disposable medical packaging, cushioning materials, and transport containers for medical devices and equipment.
Products: EPS foam-based medical packaging provides protection against shock, vibration, and contamination, ensuring the safety and integrity of medical products during transit and storage.

Furniture Industry:

Specific Uses: EPS Moulding Machines are utilized in the furniture industry for manufacturing foam cushions, padding, and upholstery materials for furniture products.
Products: Foam cushions made from EPS offer comfort, support, and durability for various furniture applications such as sofas, chairs, mattresses, and pillows.

Arts and Crafts Industry:

Specific Uses: EPS Moulding Machines are employed in the arts and crafts industry for creating decorative shapes, sculptures, and props for events, exhibitions, and theatrical productions.
Products: EPS foam-based sculptures and props provide lightweight, easy-to-shape, and cost-effective solutions for artistic and creative projects.

Agriculture Industry:

Specific Uses: EPS Moulding Machines are used in the agriculture industry for manufacturing seedling trays, plant pots, and protective packaging for agricultural products.
Products: EPS seedling trays and plant pots provide a lightweight and insulating environment for seed germination and plant growth, while protective packaging ensures the safe transportation of agricultural products.

Marine Industry:

Specific Uses: EPS Moulding Machines are utilized in the marine industry for producing flotation devices, buoys, and marine insulation materials.
Products: EPS foam-based flotation devices and buoys offer buoyancy and stability for marine applications, while marine insulation materials provide thermal and acoustic insulation for vessels and offshore structures.

These industries highlight the versatility and importance of EPS Moulding Machines across various sectors, providing essential solutions for packaging, construction, automotive, electronics, and more.

Criteria for Selecting EPS Moulding Machine

Quality and Reliability:

Choose a supplier with a reputation for manufacturing high-quality and reliable EPS moulding machine. Look for certifications, customer testimonials, and warranty information to assess product quality and reliability.

Product Range:

Consider the supplier’s range of EPS molding machine, including pre-expanders, shape moulding machine, block moulders, and cutting lines. Ensure that they offer machines suitable for your specific production needs and volume requirements.

Customization Options:

Look for a supplier that offers customization options to tailor EPS moulding machines according to your production specifications, such as mould sizes, production capacity, and automation features.

Technical Support and Service:

Select a supplier that provides comprehensive technical support, training, and after-sales service. Evaluate their responsiveness, availability of spare parts, and on-site assistance to ensure smooth machine operation and maintenance.

Innovation and Technology:

Assess the supplier’s commitment to innovation and technological advancements in EPS moulding machine. Look for features such as energy efficiency, process optimization, and advanced controls that can improve productivity and reduce operating costs.

Industry Experience:

Choose a supplier with extensive experience in the EPS industry, demonstrating expertise in machine design, production processes, and industry trends. Consider their track record and reputation within the industry.

Customer References and Reviews:

Seek feedback from existing customers and review testimonials or case studies to gauge satisfaction levels and performance of EPS moulding machine from the supplier. Pay attention to factors such as machine reliability, durability, and overall customer experience.

Price and Value:

Compare pricing quotes from different suppliers while considering the overall value offered. Take into account factors such as machine quality, features, technical support, and long-term cost-effectiveness to determine.


In conclusion, selecting the best EPS moulding machine Manufacturers is a critical decision that can significantly impact the success of your production operations. By considering the ten criteria outlined above and evaluating the offerings of reputable suppliers such as Kornylak Corporation, Kurtz GmbH, HIRSCH Maschinenbau GmbH, EPRO EPS Machinery, Teubert Maschinenbau GmbH, Hangzhou Fangyuan Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd., Polaron SRL, Cannon Viking Limited, Laader Berg S.A., and Sunkist Chemical Machinery Ltd., you can make an informed choice.

Quality and reliability, product range, customization options, technical support and service, innovation and technology, industry experience, customer references and reviews, price and value, global presence and support, and sustainability and environmental impact are all crucial factors to consider when selecting a best EPS moulding machine Manufacturers.

By thoroughly assessing these criteria and conducting diligent research, you can choose a Manufacturer that not only meets your immediate production needs but also provides long-term value, support, and sustainability for your business. With the right EPS moulding machine Manufacturers, you can optimize your production processes, enhance product quality, and achieve greater efficiency and success in your industry.

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