Top 7 EPP Foam Manufacturers & Suppliers 2024

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In 2024, finding the best EPP foam manufacturers has become the focus of many industry professionals. As technology continues to advance and market competition intensifies, it is crucial to choose a high-quality EPP foam manufacturer.

In this article, we will introduce some of the best EPP foam manufacturers in 2024, as well as their leadership and innovations in the industry.

What Is Expanded Polypropylene Foam?

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Expanded Polypropylene Foam

Expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam board is a lightweight and highly durable packaging and component solution. They have high static compressibility, meet high drop test requirements, and have high operating temperatures (up to 212°F). They are ideal for shipping, crating, and applications requiring extended stacking strength and mitigation of shock, shock, and vibration.

Expanded polypropylene foam is nearly twice as stiff as the same polyethylene foam. EPP sheets can be machined to custom sizes and shapes and are now available in new, more flexible formulations to make parts easier to manufacture.

What Are the Advantages of EPP Foam?

High Strength & Impact Protection

First, EPP is ideal for heavy-duty crates, thermally insulated bulkheads, automotive parts, electric vehicle battery liners and 3D compression molded parts. EPP foam is isotropic in nature and has been rigorously tested to withstand impacts from 25 MPH to 10 G.

Lightweight and Cost-Efficient

Second, EPP is unique in that it can withstand repeated blows and return to its original shape after absorbing the impact energy. EPP foam offer greater flexibility and much easier fabrication with traditional foam cutting equipment.

Thermal Insulation

Third, EPP foam maintains its thermal properties over a wide temperature range of -20°F to 212°F. They have excellent thermal insulation properties and can be used to transport temperature-sensitive products that prevent heat transfer from occurring, such as returnable cold chain containers for medical, food and temperature-sensitive products. EPP-based products also offer excellent high-temperature cushioning properties.

Chemical Resistance

Fourth, as a chemically inert substance, EPP foam planks are virtually unaffected when exposed to most chemicals, oil and grease, petroleum, and moisture.

Top EPP Foam Manufacturers 2024


JSP is a truly global business, supplying a range of foamed polymers to the automotive, construction, civil engineering and packaging markets.

Theirs products offer unique value and are efficient and effective. We help our customers improve profitability through the innovative use of our products. Our goal is to serve customers at a deeper and higher level.


BASF is a well-known EPP foam manufacturer that has pointed the way for the industry in terms of high-quality, lightweight and high-performance materials.

BASF has significantly shaped the history of plastics, leveraging their established knowledge of materials science, and will continue to shape the future of plastics. BASF plastics help increase energy efficiency and save resources in almost all industries.

Kaneka Corporation

Kaneka Corporation is a Japanese company committed to harnessing the unlimited potential of chemical materials to bring innovation to lifestyles and the environment, helping communities achieve sustainable development.

As an EPP foam manufacturer, they take a unified chemistry-centric approach to food and pharmaceuticals, delivering innovative solutions that empower people to live healthier lives.


DS Smith is a leading global provider of sustainable packaging solutions, paper products and recycling services. Their organization has grown tremendously over the past 80 years, and so have their services and areas of expertise.

Their story goes back to the box-making business started by the Smith family in East London in the 1940s. Over the next half century, their reputation for quality engineering and dedication to their customers continued to grow.

As they grew in size, so did their capabilities—adding paper manufacturing and recycling operations. Their business has experienced rapid growth in recent years and they have acquired businesses in Europe and North America.

Furukawa Electric Co.

Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. is also a very famous EPP foam manufacturer. It mainly focuses on the four major technologies of “metal”, “polymer”, “photon” and “high frequency” and contributes to society through extensive development.

Their products cover areas such as communication solutions, energy infrastructure, automotive products and batteries, electronic component materials and functional products.


Since 1899, they have been working with customers to provide reliable service and quality products. Unlike other packaging companies, they help customers meet their sustainability goals and yield needs, giving them the world-class packaging they deserve.

Their industry-leading team has been serving customers around the world for more than 124 years and is dedicated to achieving their customers’ goals with the best packaging possible.


epp foam manufacturers

Epsole is also an exclusive leading EPS and EPP machine manufacturer with more than 20 years of rich experience in manufacturing machines, molds, spare parts, etc.

EPP is widely used in automobiles, such as bumper core materials, anti-collision blocks, roof linings, door fillers, headrests, sun visors, etc., which can save fuel consumption and improve passenger safety. If you want to get information about EPP foam manufacturers, you can contact them directly.


To sum up, the top EPP Foam Manufacturers in 2024 demonstrate excellent technical capabilities, innovative spirit, and customer service levels. Whether in the automotive, aerospace, sports equipment or packaging industries, these manufacturers have made outstanding contributions in providing customers with high-quality, high-performance EPP foam products.

As the future develops, we look forward to seeing these manufacturers continue to lead the industry and create more value and achievements for customers.

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