EPS Packing Machine

The machine adopts PLC programmable industrial controller and computer touch screen to complete the automatic cycle process of pushing, winding, packaging, sealing and cutting of the product to the working position
The machine has stable performance, simple operation, no noise and low power consumption;
The machine can be matched with various EPS products and equipment, packaging various specifications of EPS products


  • Reinforce aluminum cast-solid ring with strong structure makes steady in wrapping
  • The higher level main board with stronger structure and frame for wrapping.
  • EPS Packing Machine


    1) Structure of the conveyor will protect the surface of the product.
    2) Automatic infeed conveyor system and outfeed conveyor system.
    3) Conveyors driven by motor with gear box.
    4) Diferent type conveyors available via package

    Automatic material cutter
    1) Automatic material feeding and cutting device.
    2) Automatic material clamping for next wrapping.
    3) Sensor and PLC program control.
    4) The operation parameter is adjustable.
    5)This device makes machine automatically and unmanned operation.