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Importing EPP Box from China

Are you still looking for EPP box? Here we can manufacture all types of EPP boxes, varied in different sizes, shapes, thickness and etc. Welcome to contact us at any time if you are interested in our EPP box.

Why Choose Our EPP Box

Here are some reasons why you should choose EPP boxes from our company

epp boxes

Safeguarding Your Products: Start with the security aspect. Protect your products with confidence using our durable, shock-absorbing EPP boxes. Their lightweight design also saves on shipping costs!

Sustainable Choice: Focus on the eco-friendly angle. Go green with our sustainable EPP boxes! They’re reusable, recyclable, and provide excellent insulation for temperature-sensitive items.

Customizable Solutions: Emphasize the ability to tailor the boxes. Get the perfect fit! Our EPP boxes are customizable to cradle your products securely, minimizing damage during transport.

Various EPP Boxes

electronic device epp boxes

Electronic Device EPP Boxes

EPP is commonly used to create form-fitting boxes for electronics like TVs, laptops, and cameras. The shock absorption properties of EPP help to protect these delicate devices during shipping.

medical device epp inserts​

Medical Device EPP Inserts

Safeguard your delicate medical devices in transit with our custom-molded EPP inserts. These lightweight, shock-absorbing inserts provide superior protection and temperature control. Request a quote and ensure secure, cost-effective medical device delivery!

epp insulated box

EPP insulated box

Shield your valuables with our premium EPP insulated boxes! These lightweight champs absorb shock and maintain temperature, ensuring safe delivery for any product. Request a quote today and experience the EPP difference!
epp foam box

EPP Foam box

Shield your valuables with our ultra-light EPP foam boxes! These champions absorb impact, keeping your products safe. Plus, they insulate for perfect temperature control. Upgrade your packaging – Request a quote today!

FAQs about EPP Box

What are EPP boxes made of?

EPP boxes are made from Expanded Polypropylene, a lightweight and shock-absorbing foam plastic.

  • Superior Protection: EPP absorbs impact, safeguarding your products during shipping.
  • Lightweight Design: EPP boxes are lighter than traditional options, reducing shipping costs.
  • Thermal Insulation: EPP helps maintain consistent temperatures for sensitive items.
  • Durability and Reusability: EPP boxes are built to last and can be reused multiple times.
  • Sustainability: EPP is recyclable and eco-friendly.

EPP boxes have a wide range of applications, including:

  • Protective packaging for electronics, medical devices, and automotive parts.
  • Insulated containers for food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Customizable inserts for toolboxes and storage solutions.
  • Protective cases for sporting goods and other delicate equipment.

Yes, EPP boxes can be custom molded to fit the specific shape and size of your products, ensuring a snug and secure fit.


EPP is typically easy to clean with warm water and mild soap. Some manufacturers may recommend dishwasher-safe cleaning for certain EPP boxes. Always check the care instructions for your specific EPP product.