EPSOLE has been specialized in EPS industry for over 15 years, we aim to provide our esteemed customers from all over the world with full series of EPS products, including EPS raw materials, EPS machinery, EPS molds as well as EPS plant design, manufacturing, installation, training and overseas after-sale technical support, etc. Hopefully, we could henceforth start a good cooperation in the future.

Products Introduction


Epsole designs & supplies professional EPS. EPP moulds with an annual output of around 

1000 sets. We adopt CRM and other design softwares to design and manufacture EPS, 

EPP plastic moulds. All moulds are made by high-quality aluminum alloy with Telfon coating, 

assembled by standard frames and cooling system, which achieves conventient de-moulding, 

anti-corrosion, high temperature resistence and long life. Epsole is capable of manufacturing 

highly customized moulds in accordance with clients' varieties of machines.


Products Process


Wooden Mould - Core Mould Preforming


Casting - V Casting with Vacuum


Processing - CNC Processing and QC


Assembling - Preinstall and Installation


Inspection - Before Leaving the Factory


eps mold


Testing Step


1.Testing four corners of the template and rear sealing plate.

2.Testing all ejectors, filling guns.

3.Measuring the range of rear sealing plates, ejectors, and filling guns.

4.Checking the drainage on the back of the mold.

5.Checking whether the iron fluoride is falling off or loose, and is it necessary to repair?

6.Testing baffle behind the mold.

7.Testing if the nozzle on the water pipe tightened.

8.Counting the size of the ejector pins, the length of the guns, and their number.


Comparison With Traditional Molds


eps mold




eps mold