Automatic Shape Moulding Machine

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EPS Shape Molding Machine

EPS Shape Molding Machine

EPS Shape Molding Machine



1.Frame Structure                                                                                                            

(1)The whole frame adopts 16Mn (high manganese steel Q345) welded combination

and its surface is treated by ball blasting, zinc and powder coating to improve anti-   

septic performance.                                                                                                         

(2)Mold frame is constructed & supported by 4 main rods, which can be removed      

and replaced separately for maintenance, without disassemble the whole machine.    


2.Energy saving

(1)Full digital PID control to control energy consumption precisely while Multi-spots

heating realize most equal distribution of steam in the mold chamber.

(2)Machines equip big pipelines and valves to shape under low temperature and low



3.Vacuum cooling system

High temperature(75℃) demolding with vacuum cooling system


EPS Shape Molding Machine


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Manufacturing Operation                                                                 

EPS Shape Molding Machine Manufacturing Operation

Factory Layout                                                                                      


EPS Shape Molding Machine Factory Layout