EPS FOAM Pelletizer Machine



Output:50-70  kg/h

Density : Suitable for all density EPS products

Power consumption: 29Kw


Complete set include the following parts :

1, EPS Crusher

2, EPS Hopper with rotary system

3, Main machine with double-screw extruder, hydraulic system for filter net change

4, Water cooling slot tank

5, Dry system for pellets

6, Pellets cutter .

7, Stainless Pellets Tank

1,    PROCESS OF Pelletizer MACHINE



Crusher: Strong crush capacity

Max. inlet product size: 600x300mm

continuously and evenly


Material hopper with rotary shaft

Rotary    system  feed  material



Double Screw to solve the normal problem for low density EPS items. The low density have less melting volume , If we take one screw only as traditional Pelletizer machine, so that So that the extruder PS line would be always broken , because of less feed capacity.


After extruder , the liquid PS line for go to cooling water for harden. Keep water temperature:35- 50 degree

Dry system will take water away of PS line. So that


Final Stage is Pelletizer Cutter



1, Easy adjustment

All motor speed controlled by frequency converter , so it is easy for client to adjust feeder speed ;

Automatic temperature control, so easy to set temperature .



2, Double screw can recycle different density EPS products

one stage Screw and barrel: made of 45# STEEL , inlet mouth is coverd special alloy (screw dia.¢160,long dia.ratio 160*200*640 )

second stages screw

Screw and barrel: made of 38CrMoAl , inlet mouth is coverd special alloy (screw dia.¢90,long dia.ratio 90*130*850 )


3, Non stop filter net clean system, so the production can run continuously Two filter nets can be changed by hydraulic control


4, High quality material and brand components , keep stable quality

All efforts keep this machine stable quality , smooth running , easy operation