Continuous EPS Pre-expander


Continuous EPS Pre-expander

Pre-expander is an essential machine for producing EPS products. The machine is for preexpanding polystyrene beads with expansion agent. Expanded beads through aging under normal pressure can be used to produce all kinds of package products and blocks. EPS package products are suitable for packing household appliance, instruments, gauges, chinaware, glassware and all valuable and crisp products. EPS blocks are used for construction, heat insulation of car, ship and cooling house. EPS is good material for heat insulation, sound insulation and vibration proof.

Function & Features:

--All process works automatically including filling, expanding, sieving, grinding and conveying, etc.

--With twice pre-expansion function, foam density could be 8-30 g/l.

--Frequency conversion feeding equipment

--Power-off protection device

--Japanese relief valve