EPS Block Making Machine

EPSOLE has been specialized in EPS industry for over 15 years, we aim to provide our esteemed customers from all over the world with full series of EPS products, including EPS raw materials, EPS machinery, EPS molds as well as EPS plant design, manufacturing, installation, training and overseas after-sale technical support, etc. Hopefully, we could henceforth start a good cooperation in the future.


Function and Features:

EPS Block Making Machine.jpg

EPS Block Making Machine.jpg

Block size is adjustable both on the width and length, screw cylinder is controlled by coder, users only need to set on touch screen, the machine can automaticly adjust the block size with less edges.

Main features:

-- Machine structure:

a. The machine mold are welded by strong rectangle tube and steel plate which make high strength to keep more safety of the machine.

b. All block mold frames are heat-treated to release the welding stress, so that the frames would not be deformed.

c. After heating treatment, all mold frames are processed by sand blasting treatment to keep the rust away, then under coat and finishing coat are greatly improved with anticorrosion performance and long life.

d. Adopts three Germany gauges and safety valve for multi-safety protection. The machine will be tested by water pressure and steam, ensure the machine more stable and safe.

Steam system:

Three ball valves, comparing one big steam valve control system, saves 20% steam, with ISO-standard butterfly valves, greatly improve stability and long life.

Control system:

a. Adopts PLC(Mitsubishi) and touch screen(Schneider) for easy operation.

b. Equipped material level sensor to control the filling. The foam pressure sensor is optional and the whole procedure for filling, heating, cooling will be controlled automatically by PLC.



Factory Layout: