What is EPS?

EPS(Expandable Polystyrene) is a lightweight, rigid, plastic foam insulation material produced from solid particles of polystyrene. Expandsion is achieved by virtue of small amounts of pentane gas dissolved into the polystyrene base material during production. The gas expands under the action of heat, applied as steam, to form perfectly clesed cells of EPS. These cells occupy approximately 40 times the volume of original polystyrene bead. The EPS beads are then molded into appropriate forms suited to their application. Products made from foamed polystyrene are nearly ubiquitous, for example packing materials, insulation and foam drink cups.

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EPS(Expandable Polystyrene) is a lightweight, rigid, plastic foam insulation material produced from 

solid particles of polystyrene. Expandsion is achieved by virtue of small amounts of pentane gas 

dissolved into the polystyrene base material during production.The gas expands under the action 

of heat, applied as steam, to form perfectly clesed cells of EPS.


How Do We Classfiy EPS Material?
Regular Grades - High Expansion, Medium Grade, Fast Cycling, Colorful beads
Flame Retardant - High Ratio Flame Retardant, Low Pentane Flame Retardant







Packaging / New Building Materal / Plastic Foam Flotation / Decorating Material / Full Mould Casting /

Protecting Material / Filter Material






Packaging & Shipment




                    PACKING          WEIGHT/KG    20'FCL CAPACITY    40'FCL CAPACITY
       Paper Bag
    (Laminated Kraft Paper)
                  25             17.00MT              17.00MT
                 800             16.00MT              16.00MT
       Flecon Bag
      (Super Sack)
                 850             17.00MT              17.00MT
                 975             9.75MT              9.75MT
                1000             10.00MT              10.00MT
                1200             12.00MT              12.00MT



EPS Raw Material Storage



EPS contains volatile and combustible composition and should therefore be kept far away from any 

source of ignition, perferable in a cool, dry and well-ventilated storeroom below 25 ℃ out of direct 


The effective shelf life is 3 months at the temperature blow 25 ℃, however the ideal material should be

used within 1 month from manufacturing. Once the package is unfolded, the blowing agent will be

volatilized rapidly. EPS should be therefore used immediately after bags opened to avoid the reduction

of expansion ratio or losing effectiveness.

Reasonable weight loss: EPS contains high-volatility blowing agent(C5). It is therefore normal to lose

weight in the first half month after the product leaving the factory. 


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