What are the advantages of EPP delivery box?


There are many kinds of takeout boxes on the market for EPP packaging, and the raw materials of the boxes are also different. As a better EPP takeout box, it has more advantages than other box materials, and also has a high guarantee on user safety. So what are the advantages of EPP delivery box?

The first and most important point is that EPP material is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-toxic and tasteless. It is the best foam material for safety and environmental protection in the market, and EPP materials can be used normally under high temperature without any toxic substances. This ensures that EPP takeaway boxes will not have problems when transporting hot food.  

Secondly, the insulation function of EPP material is better than that of other foam materials. In all the bubble guesses, EPP material can be used as a thermal insulation material and has a very good function in heat preservation and cold preservation. Now, the EPP packing box is also widely used in cold chain logistics. So the EPP delivery box can ensure the temperature of food delivery over long distances.

Finally, the EPP takeout box is very light, the same size foam box, EPP takeout box is much lighter than the other boxes, EPP packaging is not strong enough. In fact, EPP delivery box is better than other delivery boxes in terms of weight and strength. In addition, EPP material has good elasticity and rebound function, which can ensure the durability of the delivery box. It will not be easily damaged by impact.


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