What are the consequences of poor quality EPS?


The main performance of inferior EPS products we often encounter in construction sites are as follows:


dinary B3 grade EPS was used as B2 / B1 flame retardant EPS. The use of this kind of inferior insulation board will reduce the fire resistance performance of EPS and increase the fire risk of construction engineering.

The solubility of EPS is not good. The section of EPS insulation board with good solubility is that each bubble particle is dissolved tightly without gap. The EPS foam particles will not fall off when twisted by hand. However, for EPS insulation board with poor solubility, the foam particles in EPS section will fall off when twisted by hand. The drawing strength of this kind of inferior insulation board is low.

In order to reduce the amount of EPS material and reach the standard of bulk density, some EPS manufacturers add a kind of “weight increasing agent” material in EPS processing or directly add fine quartz sand into the raw material. The use of this kind of inferior insulation board will reduce the heat preservation performance of EPS and the bonding strength with polymer mortar

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