How To Store The Foam Fresh-keeping Box


Heat protection in summer and cold protection in winter. Under high load conditions, the material achieves buffering and shock absorption through deformation, energy absorption, and decomposition of energy, and it also has the functions of heat preservation and heat insulation. EPS packaging products are usually white, and color can be produced on request. The product will not release toxic substances under low temperature conditions. Using foam fresh-keeping boxes as packaging materials is relatively safe, and EPS packaging products are easier to recycle and reuse, making them an excellent green packaging material.

The foam fresh-keeping box can keep things fresh for a longer time. The design is reasonable to prevent the food from losing its original flavor during storage, so users should also understand the storage items:

1. The foam fresh-keeping box contains a combustible volatile foaming agent, so fire should be avoided during storage.

2. The product storage place should be cool and well ventilated. In order to prevent the foaming agent from escaping too quickly, maintain a moderate magnification. The storage temperature is preferably below 25 ℃, and always maintain ventilation.

3. The foam box should use the advanced materials as much as possible, and keep it strange, in order to obtain stable operating conditions and excellent products.

The foam fresh-keeping box is not only convenient and practical, but also can store food in different categories. Therefore, you may wish to use a variety of fresh-keeping boxes to replace food when preserving food.

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