EPS Cross Section Of Insulation Board


What is the specification in the specification

It can be seen that the melting index needs to be measured when the apparent density of the insulation plate is less than 30kg/m3. The melting index can be divided into two indexes, fracture bending load and bending deformation.

In gb/t29906-2013 (molded polystyrene board thin plastering exterior wall thermal insulation system), the bending deformation is defined as ≥ 20mm.

Compared with gb/t10801.1-2002, the requirement of recording fracture bending load of not less than n is eliminated.

How do you get these indicators in the lab?

According to the determination of bending properties of gb/t8812.1-2007 rigid foam, the first part is obtained by basic bending test.

Sample preparation: The sample is a cuboid long (120-1.2) mm. Width (25-0.25) mm. Thickness (20-0.2) mm.

The insulation plate is placed on the support, and then the load head is applied to the specimen of the insulation plate made on the two supports at a certain speed. The load should be applied perpendicular to the sample at the center of the two support points, and the load value or fracture load value of the sample when the specimen reaches the specified deformation is recorded.

Measure the size of the sample according to the provisions of GB/ T6342 foam and rubber linear dimension, place the test piece symmetrically on the support, and apply the load to the position of the load head carefully in the direction perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the test piece. When it is in contact with the sample, this position is recorded as the zero point of the deformation of the sample. During operation, the load head applies a load to the specimen at a rate of (10-2) mm/ min. Record the load when the deformation of the specimen reaches (20-0.2) mm. If the specimen is broken before the deformation reaches 20 mm, the load and deformation at the breaking point are recorded.

If the judgment is based on GB/ T10801.1, the fracture bending load and the bending deformation included in the binding index shall be qualified.

If the determination is based on GB/ T29906, the bending deformation shall be 20 mm (the plate shall not be broken at this time).


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