An article about special-shaped foam packaging boxes


Shaped foam packaging is actually very rare in practice. The special-shaped foam packaging adopts advanced techniques at the time of manufacturing. Various types of molds are first manufactured, and then the foam molding products are processed by heating.

Special-shaped foam packaging products will increase their antistatic properties at the moment of manufacture. The increase in resistivity of its surface is also strictly defined. There is a monomolecular layer that adsorbs water on its surface, and it also has a lot of A big probation. The resistivity of its surface will increase with the increase of its dosage, and it will also be improved, and a science used to deal with antistatic agents. The rows on its surface will be doubled and uniform. It has a monolayer for adsorbing water. An unusually unprofitable sponsorship probation.

The finished products of special-shaped foam packaging can also be processed and customized according to the needs of customers, making irregular foam packaging, and its density can also be controlled, and can be processed according to the needs of customers.


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