Maintenance of EPS shape moulding machine


First, you need to check before and after use

1 We must check the front and back of the foam forming machine. It is necessary to determine whether the equipment can be used normally, whether there is abnormal buzzing, etc.

2 Confirm the indicator light. If there are some faults, the corresponding indicator will also be directly lit. Then we can’t function normally. We must first check to make sure that the fault is resolved before use.

3 After use, stop the equipment, turn off the related power supply, valve, continue to use, turn on, etc. to avoid unnecessary problems.

Second, regular simple maintenance

In fact, the maintenance of the foam molding machine is not very difficult. The general staff also know how to deal with it. For most businesses, it must be implemented first. Everyone must operate carefully and check regularly. Only in this way can we let us know what kind of problems have occurred, whether some parts need to be replaced, and so on. As long as it is easy to maintain, it can also avoid many problems, extend the service life of the equipment, and ensure our rights.


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