What are the specifications of EPS lightweight partition board?


EPS light partition board specifications are complete, manufactures can be produced according to customer demand, the current conventional size is long 2440mm, wide 610mm, thickness of 75mm, 90mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, but also can be cut, nailed, punched and so on. At present, it is more used for steel structure construction, warehouse factory building construction, laboratory, greenhouse, cold storage, sound insulation room, audio-visual room and other places of building decoration, indoor decoration can be used for indoor and outdoor partition wall use.

  1. Fire protection: under the action of the raw materials, the fire-proof performance is good, the fire resistance is not less than 3 hours at high temperature, and the incombustibility can reach a level A standard;

  2. Sound insulation: due to the solid structure and the density is high, the sound insulation is good, and the volume of 36~42 dB can be separated;

  3. Thermal insulation: high thermal insulation coefficient, heat transfer coefficient≤2.0w/(m2.k)

  4. Damp-proof and water-proof: the panel of the riel’s light partition wall panel is a professional waterproof board, and the back side of the wall panel can be kept dry without any waterproof finish, no trace is left, and condensation water drops will not appear in the wet weather;

  5. The hanging force is strong: the three-in-one structure is adopted, the strength reaches the C30, and the heavy object can be directly nailed or hung;

  6. The construction is simple and quick: light, the strength of labor can be reduced, the construction progress can be accelerated, the material consumption is less, etc.

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