European EPS Industry’s New Measures to Deal with Marine Pollution


The European EPS Manufacturers Association (EUMEPS) recognizes that there is an urgent need to solve the problem of marine pollution and protect the marine ecosystem and biodiversity. The members of the organization attach great importance to the responsibility of environmental protection, and are also happy to share some interesting initiatives and practices adopted in different countries. These initiatives and practices highlight the efforts of European expanded polystyrene (EPS) manufacturers to achieve sustainable development and reduce Extensive efforts were wasted.

Greece/New measures for Greece’s EPS industry to deal with marine pollution

     The Greek member of EUMEPS, Hellas, is supporting an initiative of the Dialogue Islands Institute of Oceanography, a non-profit and non-governmental organization in Greece that has established a trial to clean up surface water from plastic waste Sex net. This is a very practical method of collecting plastic debris from surface water, which can cover a large area of the ocean without capturing marine life. This can be used for emergency cleanup, and can also be used in coastal areas and semi-enclosed bays where the accumulation of plastic waste is prominent. The preliminary results of this experiment are very exciting.

Italy/New measures for Italy’s EPS industry to deal with marine pollution

     The Italian National Plastic Collection and Recycling Federation (COREPLA) has initiated an environmental project to manage marine debris, focusing on preventing plastics from flowing into rivers and oceans in Italy. This initiative, in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment, aims to collect floating waste and transport it to 15 ports for corresponding treatment. The information collected throughout the initiative will help to more accurately measure the amount of waste at sea and help develop appropriate measures to adopt a more integrated approach to trace the source of marine and terrestrial waste. Marine litter is increasingly becoming a topic both locally and internationally, and this initiative aims to alleviate the pressure on marine ecosystems. The Italian member of EUMEPS (AIPE-Italian Polystyrene Spanish Solar Energy Association) has established a strong cooperative relationship with the Recycling Federation since 2003 to collect and recycle EPS in the country.


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