Introduction and materials of foam incubator


The foam insulation box is a kind of insulation box made of foam. The structure of the foam insulation box is very simple, it is a rectangular parallelepiped, but there are large and small in volume, and consumers can choose according to their own needs. The foam incubator has the function of heat preservation and refrigeration, so it is liked and purchased by many people. The foam insulation box is made of expandable polystyrene foam. Expandable polystyrene foam is a central new policy packaging material and insulation material. The foam insulation box has the advantages of light specific gravity, impact resistance, easy forming, beautiful appearance, bright color, high efficiency and energy saving, low price, and wide range of uses. The price of foam incubator is very cheap, so many businesses will choose foam incubator. According to the size of the price, it will not exceed one hundred yuan, which shows how low the price of the foam incubator is. When the foam incubator is in use, try to avoid soiling, because the foam incubator cannot be cleaned, so it has to be discarded.


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