Do you need to make any preparations before usingeps foam equipment?


   Expanded polystyrene mechanical equipment is often used in the processing of expanded polystyrene. When using eps foam equipment, you need to do some corresponding preparations to make the eps machine run smoothly. Do you need to make any preparations before using it?

   When the raw material exceeds the service life, the foaming agent in the EPS raw material will volatilize into the air, which cannot guarantee the correct rate of the EPS raw material. If there is too much powder in the raw material, it will block the feed opening of the EPS foam mechanical pre-expansion cylinder and the ventilation slot of the pre-expansion cylinder, so that the particles are easy to agglomerate and the foam cloth is uniform.

    EPS mechanical steam saturated steam, if necessary, whether the steam in the production process is saturated steam is more critical, if the steam pipe is too long, the steam pipe is too small, there is not enough steam pressure in the boiler, the water steam can be easily Forms products that affect the quality of the entire EPS machinery. If the required compressed air is purified, there will be no water and dust-free gas. Be prepared before using EPS machinery, otherwise EPS machinery is more likely to be damaged, and making corresponding preparations can reduce the probability of EPS machinery damage. Conducive to the promotion and application of EPS machinery.

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