EPS module is too expensive to build a house? One article helps you analyze the value of EPS module building!


    EPS modular building is an emerging new building material and new construction method, which has attracted much attention because of its strong performance. It is shockproof and environmentally friendly, with fast construction speed and short construction period. It has been unanimously recognized by everyone, but compared with its performance, everyone feels that its price is too high.
Is it expensive or expensive? Is the price index higher or more affordable?
1. It is constructed with EPS modules. Because of its unique macromolecular structure, the building has a high degree of sealing and the indoor temperature is relatively constant. In summer, as long as you avoid direct sunlight, you can enter the hot summer, and in winter, the sealing is good. Can effectively prevent heat loss. The interior is really warm. There is no need for heating in winter and no need to turn on air conditioners in summer, which has obvious energy saving effect.
2. As a new type of building material, EPS module has been included in the national 13th Five-Year Plan due to its environmental protection and energy saving features. It has been selected into the “National Key Energy-saving and Low-Carbon Technology Promotion Catalogue” issued by the National Development and Reform Commission, and has been approved by Shandong Province. The provincial construction department listed it as a wall material for “Tomorrow’s Farmhouse”, which replaced traditional building materials and became a revolution in the construction industry.
3. The houses built by EPS modules are stronger and more earthquake resistant than ordinary traditional buildings due to their unique characteristics and construction methods. According to the test, under the same conditions, the hardness of the EPS module is about 8 times higher than that of the red brick structure. The utility model is suitable for buildings with seismic fortification intensity 8 degrees and below 8 degrees, buildings above 15 meters in height, and buildings below 5 stories to build, rebuild and expand civil environmental protection buildings.
4. The EPS module material itself is a B2 fireproof material. After technical transformation and adding flame retardants, the B1 fireproof material can better provide you and your family with a safe living environment.

5.EPS module has internal and external multi-layer insulation and internal concrete. The special construction technology eliminates hot and cold bridges, strengthens the air-tightness of the materials, and eliminates the problem of house moisture and alkali.


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