What are the common problems of EPS continuous cutting machine?


The common problem in EPS wire cutting equipment is: the working voltage of EPS wire cutting equipment is too high and unstable, which can easily cause power failure. The operating time of EPS line equipment is too long, the working time at high temperature is too long, the equipment is easy to be brittle, and the repair rate of computer hard disk is high. In fact, many of the reasons for the common failures of the above-mentioned EPS line equipment are caused by improper actual operation during the working day. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the maintenance of the EPS line equipment during work to avoid similar common failures.
 EPS foam equipment customers can also choose products based on general market prices. Reasonably priced products can not only perform their functions better, but also improve production efficiency. Customers can also choose appropriate products through comparison and selection to ensure better results in cutting. In short, the current sales of EPS foam equipment on the market are very good. When we select products according to the quality and price of the products, we must also master these basic methods and skills, and we can see them in the actual operation and use process. As far as the quality of the product is concerned, as long as the operation and use process meets the quality requirements, it can be used with confidence.

     EPS wire is a new type of decorative wire and prefabricated component for exterior walls, which can replace traditional cement components with light weight, smooth wire and small deviation. EPS line is the pattern design of EPS line equipment according to the synchronous action of operating X axis and Y axis, and it is made by cutting various products with electric heating wire. The relative path of the electronic path device is used to input the graphic differential signal on the computer to control the X and Y axis.


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