Knowledge popularization of EPS Module


The origin of EPS module:First originated from Magu company in Germany, EPS material ICF is widely used in German multi-storey residential buildings, and has a history of nearly 30 years in foreign countries, and its technical maturity has reached a high level.
The material of the EPS module:The polystyrene module is heated and foamed by the modified flame-retardant polystyrene particles, and the polystyrene foam plastic section with a dovetail groove structure is arranged on the inner and outer surfaces of the module by using a special process and a special equipment to heat and form at one time, the periphery of the module is provided with a cross or a square-shaped rectangular plug-in groove; the inner and outer surfaces of the module are provided with a devotail groove structure.
EPS module definition:General EPS module:

After heating and foaming with expandable polystyrene beads, the polystyrene foam profile made by factory standardized production equipment has a closed cell structure, a rectangular connection port around it, a cavity in the body or no cavity, a uniform distribution of tuxedo grooves on the inner and outer surfaces, a module base of 3m, or a construction of polystyrene foam profiles organically synthesized with building structures.

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