Why is the EPS foam article need adequate aging time?


Molded EPS products cannot reach its bearing capacity until two days after production. It is very sensitive to the pressure when it comes out of the mold. The condensation of steam and residual foaming agent in the main bubble hole will lead to partial vacuum.

After placing for a certain time, the residual foaming agent from being residual and softens the foam. For example, when the molded foam is not aged enough to cut the plate, even because of the existence of moisture, the gas expansion will occur, which will lead to a large deviation of the diagonal line of the plate.

After the foam main body reaction (or the basic reaction) is completed, any physical reaction and chemical reaction of the thermosetting expansion foam or the thermoplastic product can be completely finished after proper ageing (ripening) so as to ensure that the technical performance of the product is stable when in use. The size of the specification is stable and is not deformed, and the phenomenon of sheet warping, expansion or delamination, crack and other bad phenomena will occur after the construction without sufficient aging time.

If the foam product does not go through enough aging time, because the organic foaming agent in the foam cannot be replaced with air to reduce the fire prevention grade, if the foam product is exposed t outdoor high temperature for a long time, if it is a flame retardant board, the flame retardant may escape, thus reducing the fire prevention effect. If it is other products, then the weight of the product will decline, affecting the quality.

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