A brief analysis of the main recycling ways of Expandable Polystyrene


Expandable Polystyrene is developing rapidly in China and is widely used in shock-proof packaging, architecture, decoration, tableware and so on.However, most of EPS packaging is disposable consumables, which is not easy to degrade by itself after abandonment, which causes great pollution to the environment. Therefore, the development of EPS recovery, regeneration, regeneration has become the most urgent topic in the current EPS packaging industry. In recent years, the recovery and utilization of EPS waste in China has been paid attention to by the relevant departments, the government and other departments have strengthened marco guidance and orderly management, the corresponding legal guidance and policy support policies have been issued one after another, people’s awareness of resources and environmental protection has been improved, on the whole, China has made a lot of achievements in EPS recovery and utilization. For example, the processing of waste EPS to produce XPS, has become the main way of EPS recovery and utilization in China.The cycling of waste polystyrene foam products can not only protect the environment, save energy, but also has good economic benefits.

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