EPS Block Moulding Machine With Air Cooling Main Features


Horizontal block forming machine, single door hydraulic drive for opening and closing movement, less sealing surface and less heat loss. The specially designed locking device ensures the tightness of the mold and no leakage.

The block mold body is made of high-quality steel profiles, which are processed by electromagnetic vibration to improve the high strength of the machine, and will not be deformed by the internal foam pressure when producing high-density blocks.

The mould chamber surface is made of special aluminum alloy with teflon coating which ensures easy demoulding(can optional) and good finishing of the block; also can saving up energy with good conductivity.
According to various block requirements, we applied the European Low Pressure Moulding Technology (ELPMT) with re-engineering pipe line design. In order to produce low moisture content high quality blocks, the advanced Eco type side channel fan can facilitate the filling, steaming and air cooling process and also accelerate the good fusion and balance flue cooling effects.
 In order to have optimal block ejection function, we design special hydraulic synchrony valves to guarantee synchronization of ejectors.
 Precise PLC and touch screen control system with multilanguage schematic display. Full automation, easy operation and user friendly,convenient daily maintenance. Advanced data memory function can retrieve moulding data of various type densities and materials.

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