What are the characteristics of the EPS board?


Expandable polystyrene (EPS) is the raw material used in the Plastic production process, it becomes over in blocks or castings after three stages of production, namely the pre-expansion process, which make the beads compact of the raw material convert into cellular plastic beads with small closed cells, EPS blocking process, which make EPS foam beads to become big foam board through steam heating and wind cooling, and EPS cutting process, which cut the complete block of the EPS product into different sizes and shapes through the cutting line. After all three steps, the finished EPS product is produced, but to become a high-quality EPS, the finished product needs to meet with three properties. The first is excellent durability, which means that it can effectively protect a variety of commodities, no loss of strength under humid conditions, and moisture resistance. The second is lightweight, the proportion of air in a high-quality EPS is needed to meet 98%. The last one is insulating, a fine EPS material is highly useful in helping to save energy loss.



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