EPS calculation of total non-methane hydrocarbon emissions


1. Refer to the "Air Pollutant Emission and Control Manual" (United States Environmental Protection Agency), the manual stipulates that when there are no control measures, the emission coefficient of non-methane total hydrocarbons is 0.35kg/t (raw material).

2. Calculate the annual non-methane total hydrocarbon production based on the company's annual raw material consumption.

3. Calculate the production concentration and production rate of non-methane total hydrocarbons based on data such as the area of the production workshop, the amount of exhaust air, annual working days, and daily operating hours.

(After collection)

Calculate the non-methane total hydrocarbon emission, emission concentration, and emission rate after collection according to the collection and treatment method adopted (exhaust air volume, exhaust cylinder height, collection efficiency, treatment efficiency, working time, etc.).

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