Cut up the discarded EPS and reuse it


Styrofoam EPS is a packaging material that is often used.When we apply EPS to packaging, there are often contradictions: On the one hand, the use of EPS board as a liner can deliver the goods to the destination well; But on the other hand, if you throw it into the trash after just one delivery, it seems wasteful. Is there a way to recycle and reuse the discarded EPS packaging?

Machinery enthusiasts made a"Doomsday Saw Blade"EPS recovery device

① Prepare a box

② Install the 4 saw blades obliquely on the screw and put them in the box;

③ Rotate the electric drill to make it rotate quickly to achieve the purpose of shredding EPS;

④ By installing wire filters and blowers, prevent unshredded EPS from blocking the pipeline.


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