EPS Vacuum Forming Machine


  1. Using advanced plastic vacuum forming technology, with classic upper and lower mold structure and uniqueadvantages of the vacuum system.

  2. Heating system: 60 pieces of 650W 230, 240V infrared ceramic heating elements, heating module and PLC (one control one), sealed design for heating, faster heating on four sides, stainless steel sheet metal, permanent and durable.

  3. the temperature control system adopts the phase-shifting temperature control module and industrial touch tablet computer, a thermocouple to monitor the temperature and fit the temperature field. PES controls the temperature through the phase-shifting output, realizes the intelligent detection and control of the temperature, and has the function of storage and memory.

  4. Automatic feeding system to reduce the labor intensity, hanging electric cutting method for quick conversionof semi-finished products.

  5. The whole unit is controlled by PLC with color touch display operation and file backup function.

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