How To Sculpt Prop Teeth With EPS


Styrofoam and other rigid foams are very suitable for making props, especially large and lightweight props. They are relatively cheap materials, and there is no need to worry about using expensive mold making and casting techniques. In the course, Tim explains how to make a single tooth so that this process can be repeated to create a series of teeth.

First, you need to prepare dense yellow sculpture foam. It is important to use yellow sculptural foam because it is much denser than white styrofoam, which makes it the best choice for sculpting teeth. Although real teeth will not be as white as pearls as they were carved, they can be colored later.

Use a carpet knife or other cutting tool to cut the foam into a basic tooth size.

Use standard sculpting loop tools to sculpt some ridges in front of the tooth model and repeat this process to make the appearance more consistent. At the same time, pay attention to the taper of the bottom of the teeth to fit the mandible of the prop.

Next, use more sophisticated tools to add some details, such as textures, to the tooth model to make it more realistic.

Insert the wooden nail into the bottom of the tooth model and adjust the angle to ensure it fits with the prop chin socket. Above, through the design, carving and deformation of foam plastic, the production of prop teeth is completed.


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