Characteristics of EPS raw materials


The different features of Expanded polystyrene make it an ideal product as it could be used in multiple forms, designs and uses. Some of the major usage areas and the properties are listed below:


The lightweight & easy to shape feature of Styrofoam make it the ideal solution to produce molds for any 3D figures.

Construction of domes can’t be done without Expanded polystyrene forms to cast the concrete on the top. The Styrofoam is lightweight, rigid and can hold the concrete during the pouring stage.

The packaging done with Styrofoam molds are lightweight and effective. The density of EPS is low, making it extremely steady and Shockproof.

It is used in food packaging. The expanded polystyrene material is insulating. As a result, food products are extremely safe. Special Styrofoam moldings could be designed for food products.

The high-density EPS is a compression-free, compression-resistant material and hence it is used in packaging heavy yet delicate items that need to be transported to long distances or need to be stayed packaged for a longer duration of time. Expanded polystyrene products are extremely eco-friendly and recyclable materials.

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