Pour the "V" trend of the styrene market, EPS is unbearable pain!


After entering the fourth quarter of 2020, the EPS market has shown a clear "V" trend, and prices have risen and fallen rapidly, constantly testing the pressure-bearing ability of industry insiders. After the National Day holiday until the beginning of November, the EPS market price fluctuated upwards, smoothly breaking through the 9,000 yuan/ton mark, and the overall increase was 1,700 yuan/ton, an increase of about 21.52%. From November 10 to November 16, the price of EPS rose rapidly in just one week, breaking through the 10,000 yuan mark and even rising to more than 11,000 yuan/ton. It once hit a high point in the year, and the overall increase was 1,900 yuan/ton, an increase of approximately 19.79%. From November 17 to November 25, the EPS market instantly fell into a downward channel, and the overall decline was 1,500 yuan/ton, a decrease of about 13.04%. In the past three months, the price of styrene has been adjusted repeatedly and the disk is volatile and unpredictable. It has given our industry a continuous "surprise". However, EPS said that it could not bear it. Can only be forced by helplessness, pressure adjustment

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