What are the advantages of foam packaging boxes?


No matter from any industry, the outsourcing packaging box for products is very important in the process of sales. The packaging boxes of many products also use foam packaging boxes. So what are the advantages of this packaging method?


First of all, if a foam packaging box is used, it can reduce the cost of transportation. Because its packaging weight will be reduced. It also has a very good ability to resist impact. If a collision occurs during transportation, it can cushion well, which can greatly reduce the degree of damage to the product.


Secondly, its ability to adapt to temperature changes is also very strong. And it can also meet the requirements of some packaging boxes. The water absorption rate is very low, and its chemical composition is very stable. It has good tolerance to some acidic and alkaline substances, and it will not corrode due to internal products. It is also very low in thermal conductivity, can be used as a container for fast food and as an incubator, etc., so it has a wide range of uses.

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