Cooling tower


The cooling water tower is a kind of device which cools the water, in which the water is exchanged with the flowing air for heat and mass exchange, resulting in the decrease of water temperature. Under the condition of certain water treatment, the cooling effect is one of the important performances of the cooling tower. When selecting the cooling tower, the cooling degree, cooling water quantity and wet bulb temperature are mainly considered. There are usually installed in places with good ventilation.

Mainly used in air-conditioning cooling system, refrigeration series, injection molding, leather, foaming, power generation, steam turbine, aluminum profile processing, air compressor, industrial water cooling, etc.

Waste heat produced in industrial production or refrigeration process should generally be guided by cooling water. The function of the cooling water is to exchange the cooling water carrying waste heat with the air in the tower, so that the waste heat can be transferred to the air and dispersed into the atmosphere.

For example, in the thermal power plant, the boiler heats the water to high-temperature and high-pressure steam, drives the steam turbine to do work to make the generator generate electricity, the waste steam after the work of the steam turbine is discharge into the condenser, the heat exchange with the cooling water is condensed into water, and then the water pump is used for recycling the boiler. The waste heat of the exhaust steam in the process is passed to the cooling water, so that the temperature of the water in increased, and the wasted heat is carried on the cooling water with the waste heat.

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