What is EPP?


EPP(Expanded Polypropylene), is the abbreviation of a new type of foam.

EPP is a kind of high crystalline polymer/gas composite with excellent properties, which has become the fastest growing new type of pressure buffer thermal insulation material for environmental protection at present because of its unique and superior properties.

EPP is also an environment-friendly material, can be naturally degraded, and cannot cause white pollution.

The EPP has the advantages of light weight, good elasticity, and anti-seismic compression resistance, high deformation recovery rate, good absorption performance, oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, various chemical solvents, no water absorption, insulation, heat resistance(-40 to 130 DEG C), no toxicity and no order, can be recycled by 100 percent, and has little reduction in performance, is a real environment-friendly foam.

EPP is widely used in automobile, such as bumper core material, anti-collision block, roof liner, door filling, head pillow, sunshade board and so on, which can save fuel consumption and improve the safety factor of passengers.

EPP has been widely used in packaging in industry, such as electronic products, medical devices and so on, especially in the packaging of export products, to meet the requirements of environmental protection has become an irreplaceable packaging.

Because of its non-toxic and high temperature resistance, it is also widely used in food packaging and microware heating.


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