Ground heating module


Ground heating module, one of the main optional components at the end of geothermal heating system. It is used to replace the insulation plate, reflective film, nail and other auxiliary materials in the traditional ground heating system. The emergence and application of ground heating module greatly simplifies the installation procedure of ground heating.

About the types of ground heating modules: according to the material, there are EPS module, extrusion board module, metal and thermal insulation material composite module, cement module, etc.

The mushroom head-type module, the tube-type module, the m-type floor heating module and the like are divided according to the appearance form.

Floor radiative heating is the most popular heating method at present, but with the use of wood floor as the main material of floor heating module pavement, wood floor needs to face some phenomena to be dealt with. The saying that “three points is the floor and seven points is installed” is not unreasonable. It plays an important role in the installation of the ground heating module, both for the appearance and for the subsequent use of the ground heating module. At the same time, after the installation of the floor heating module, special attention needs to be paid to the maintenance, so that the paving and maintenance can be carried out to the maximum extent, and the use effect of the power-assisted floor heating module.


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