The "explosive" promotion in March is coming


1, Any order, GET a “Handheld Multi-Use Foam Cutting Hot Knife Kit” for FREE.

2, EPS raw material orders, $5/t discount for one container, $6/t discount for two containers, $7/t discount for three containers, and so on, up to $10/t.

3. EPS machine, mould or spare parts orders, total amount above $10,000, GET 5 filling guns for FREE; Amount increasing every $10,000, GET additional 5 filling guns for FREE;

Order amount above $100,000, GET 50 filling guns and 100 ejectors for FREE (value for $4,000);

Order amount above $200,000, GET an EPS mould for FREE (value for approx. $10,000);

Order amount above $500,000, GET a 20ft CT of EPS raw material for FREE (17 tons).


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