Epsole Machinery Equipment


Epsole mechanical EPS one-key quick mold change with manipulator molding machine is easy to operate, quick mold change in 3 minutes (for a normal machine, it takes about two or three hours to change a mold), the equipment is easy to operate, and the product can be packaged after the mold is released. The drying room has strong stability. The equipment has the advantages of fast production speed, short single-mode cycle, low energy consumption (single-mode output value of 1 ton of material consumption is less than 6-8 tons, and the moisture content is as low as 3%-5%). The equipment has a mold base,

The equipment has an electric control side and a drain side. Steam valve, drain valve, exhaust valve, vent valve and other valves are concentrated on the drain side. The control cabinet and instrument panel are all concentrated on the electric control side.

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