PSP Food Container


Foamed tableware, that is, disposable foamed plastic tableware, refers to the extruder with polystyrene resin as raw material, after high temperature heating and melting, adding foaming agent (butane), etc., after rewinding the sheet and placing it in a ventilated and humid environment before secondary heating and plastic molding, all kinds of food utensils such as fast food box, soup bowl, instant noodle bowl, fresh tray and so on.

Most of them use recycled materials, mixed with a small amount of new materials, and a certain amount of talc powder, to produce the usual lunch boxes. The mixing of recycled materials and new materials is a common practice in foamed tableware enterprises, and the proportion of recycled materials is higher than that of new materials. Some factories import industrial plastic waste foam abroad, process and extract it, produce polyvinyl ethylene foam particles (that is, recycled materials), and then sell these particles to foamed tableware factories as raw materials.

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