Ventilation blower


The ventilation blower is also referred to as a negative ventilation blower, a negative ventilation blower, and the like. By utilizing the air convection, the room is always in a negative pressure state, a suction force is formed, the outdoor air is continuously sucked, and the indoor and hot air is discharged, so that the effect of ventilation and ventilation and cooling is achieved.

The ventilation blower can quickly discharge the sultry air in the room and inhale the air on the other side of the room to the same temperature as the outside temperature, so that the temperature in the workshop will not rise. In the process of air flow, it will take away the heat of the human body, and the air flow accelerates the evaporation of sweat and absorbs the heat of the human body, thus making the human body feel cool and as cool as the natural wind.

Ventilation blower.png

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