Steam recovery machine


Steam recovery machine is a kind of closed recovery system. All condensate pipes are under constant positive pressure, and the system is closed. Most of the energy of condensate water in the system is recovered directly into the boiler through the recovery equipment, and the recovery temperature of condensate water is only lost in the cooling part of the pipe network, and the water quality is guaranteed because of the closure, which reduces the cost of water treatment recovered into the boiler. The advantages are that that the economic benefit of condensate water recovery is good and the working life of the equipment is long.

The steam and high-temperature condensed water can be directly pressed into a boiler in a high-temperature manner by adopting a steam recovery machine with a plunger pressurizing device, the recovery efficiency of the closed-type recovery device is high, the heat energy in the condensed water can be recovered in a large amount, 30 percent of fuel and 90percent of softened water are saved, and the economy of the condensed water recovery system is improved.

Steam recovery machine.png

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