Inspection and maintenance of foam machinery and hydraulic system of EPS equipment


Matters needing attention in repairing hydraulic system:

When the operation of the EPS equipment and the foam plastic mechanical system is in operation, when the control power supply is not cut off, and the system shall be disable to prevent the occurrence of personal injury and death.

Hydraulic transmission has many advantages, such as simple structure, stable quality, high mechanical efficiency, easy to realize automation and so on. Therefore, at present, many large and medium-sized machinery use hydraulic transmission system, but hydraulic technology also has some shortcomings, such as oil leakage, oil temperature change affecting running speed control, noise and so on. How to make the hydraulic machinery run more safety and efficiently, the key to the work is to select the hydraulic oil correctly according to the system pressure, running speed, working oil quantity and environmental temperature, to use and maintain the hydraulic oil reasonably, to maintain the excellent working performance of the oil for a long time, and to give full play to the optional working efficiency. In view of this, usually according to the standard operation, scientific management, and take some preventive measures.

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