TPS Board


True gold plate is a fire insulation board with distinctive characteristics and stable performance by using polymer technology and combining with multi-disciplinary and cross-field innovation and cooperation. The true gold plate has excellent heat-insulating property, and the fireproof performance can reach the level B1. The technology of true gold fire-proof insulation board has applied the cross-field and interdisciplinary high-molecular technology, completely discards the molecular modification of the materials such as the original EPS and the like, or adds the path of the flame retardant, and introduces a brand-new fire-proof concept. In the process of thermal expansion, the organic polymer drives the inorganic molecules to move to the edge, and finally forms a honeycomb isolation bin, which makes the particles of each organic macromolecule form a relatively independent fire-proof individual, thus effectively blocking the heat conduction and flame propagation, and achieving the effect of“quasinoncombustible.”

TPA Board.png

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