The drying room


The drying system of the drying room is similar to the dye drying, has automatic detection and control functions such as heating, temperatural control, moisture discharging, ventilation, timing and the like. The fan is arranged at the other end of the drying room body, the chimney is arranged at the top of the heating room, the heating room comprises a fuel inlet and outlet, a hearth and a heating part, and the heating part is arranged on the upper part of the hearth.

Principle: the dye, which is spread into a certain thickness, is loaded into the plate, and the plate is moved into the multi-layer drying room in turn. The dye is moved regularly and the dye is turned over the plate until the drying requirements are met.

Features: a gas storage chamber is also arranged between the drying room body and the gas storage chamber, and an adjustable air door is arranged at the front end of the heating part. The inner wall of the drying room body is provided with a heat preservation and heat conduction pipe with a heat hold, and on exhaust port is arranged at the top of the drying room body. An adjustable cold air door is arranged at one end of the gas storage chamber.


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