EPS Abundant applications


1. Packaging: i.e.: Vegetable and fruit box, Fish box, Electronics packaginging;

2, New building Material: i.e.: Sandwich panel, 3Dpanel, Brick insert, Insulated Concrete Foam (IFC)

3, Plastic Foam Flotation: i.e.: Float

4, Decorating Material: i.e.: Cornices, Ceiling tiles, Articles in arts and crafts for advertisement and decoration;

5, Protecting Material: i.e. Anti-freeze pad to cushion foundation of roads and railways in high cold region;

6, Filter material: i.e. Applicable in medium and small scaled water supply system;

7, other application: i.e.: Applicable in seeding nurseries for hydroponics; mixed with clay and cement to manufacture lightweight wall tiles and cement castings; as filling material for pillow.......


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