Features of EPS insulation board


1. Good effect of heat insulation and energy saving

A-grade fireproof EPS insulation board continues the traditional EPS foam board with small thermal conductivity and large heat storage coefficient. It is better than the inorganic thermal insulation mortar and foam glass on the market.

2. Safety, fire protection - grade a flame retardant materials

A-class fireproof EPS insulation board overcomes the flammability of the traditional EPS foam board, and the safety performance is very high. It fully meets the A-class fire protection standard of thermal insulation materials stipulated in the document No. 46 [2009] jointly issued by the Ministry of public security and the Ministry of housing and urban rural development.

3. The strength of A-class fireproof EPS insulation board is higher than that of rock wool and phenolic board, and it is not water absorbing, falling off and easy to construct.

4. Superior system performance

Class a fireproof EPS insulation board is a closed and foamed spherical molecular structure with relatively light weight, good dimensional stability and non-toxic. After 80 times of high temperature water spraying cycles and 30 times of heating freezing cycles, the system has no blistering, hollowing and falling off of the facing layer and no water seepage cracks. The impact resistance tile reaches 10J and the impact resistance coating reaches 10J, Excellent performance.

5. Mature technology

The construction technology of A-class fireproof EPS insulation board is the same as that of traditional EPS board thin plastering external wall external insulation system. The construction technology is mature, convenient for workers to construct, safe and reliable, and there will be no other new material system instability defects.

6. Superior cost performance

A-grade fireproof EPS insulation board preserves the advantages of low thermal conductivity, good heat preservation effect and mature technology of the traditional EPS foam board, and the cost is low. The price is far lower than that of the class a flame retardant thermal insulation material on the market. It has the effect of class a flame retardancy at the price of ordinary materials, and the price ratio is superior, and the market prospect is broad.

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